Online experiences at VISTA cultural heritage sites

One way in which the VISTA project has sought to address the challenges posed to sites by the pandemic is by creating online “teaser” versions of our AR and VR devices. These are now ready to be launched and include:

Exeter Cathedral: a 360° Youtube immersive teaser video of the choir experience; the digital books scanned for the interactive screens will also be available on the Cathedral website.

National Trust Interactive Google street view of the reconstructed mining landscape – teaser to the AR app at Botallack  'Botallack Mine –  a snapshot of Cornish mining at the edge of the Earth'.

South West Coast Path : 360° Google street view of the birdscape from the full AR app with information about six species of bird found at the site.

Château de Fougèrespromotional video of the castle giving a glimpse of the AR and VR devices

Musée sous-marin - Lorient : short 3D animation animation representing the last hours of a war submarine.

All of these experiences have been produced to give potential visitors a taste of the experiences that will be implemented at the site over the summer. We hope that they will encourage people to visit the site and try the full experience as soon as they are available. 

The launch of these online teasers also gives us the opportunity to ask questions about 'intention to visit', which is a key part of our research.